Thursday, August 24, 2006

NGV Community Forum - to save on petrol

NGV Community Forum

Honeyyy...let's save some moneyyy...:)

There's a section for newbies & advanced users. Our Friend Hadzley have been using it for 1 month ++, and he was extremely satisfied with the mileage. However there's a problem with pick-up. He use 1.6 Ford, and he hardly overtake a lorry on teh highway. But as you know lorry in Malaysia has the same speed limit like any othe rvehicles, and they drive pretty fast too.

You can check out the forum & learn more. I'm thinking of adding NGV to my old (but still beautiful..ehem) Saga 1.5.
He only need RM4 from Melaka to UPM. it's a pretty darn good deal. However the initial cost is RM3000 new & RM1500 used. So have to theink abt the ROI.

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