Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My son's trouble with his peers & teacher!

My son’s teacher is complaining that my son is a bit slow, a dreamer, not focused, doing his own thing, and can’t catch up with the other kids. I & my wife try to understand the situation. We read somewhere that male at their young age tend to be less smart than the female. I think it’s true with our 3 daughters, 3G (3 girls) as I called them. My young daughter of 4, looks much smarter than his brother age 6. But my eldest daughter of 7 years old is the smartest of 'em all. A friend of mine, Shahir has a son, and looks like he’s a bit slow too in term of speech development. I don’t remember her age maybe 4, like my daughter. Shahir presume that this is because his son is alone for quite sometime without any siblings (only recently that he get another daughter). I think being male & also without any siblings do make the male kids a bit slow in development. I was happy though that men do catch up as early as 17 or 18. A survey by the controversial, what his name Prof from University of Western Ontario (hey …I graduated here), states that men’s IQ are about 4 units more than women at that age. He further states that the fact that women don’t really move forward in their career is because of this fact. Previous study shows that we are almost equal in term of IQ although male & female differ but we do score almost the same at the end. Posted by Picasa

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