Friday, November 02, 2007

Tips for Saving Money.

I was involved in patrolling my neighborhood from 3am-5am today(28 October 2007). So I do feel a bit sleepy in the morning. However I met a sparkling interesting guy by the name of Ah Chai who is our new partner. This is because our previous group leader was too scared( his own words) to walk alone after our shift finishes.

He’s 40 something successful businessman and we had discussions on our life, managing families, and the economics.

We discusses and He said do not believe too much on Feng Shui( I didn’t believe a bit - but you readers may do). He had to believe some of it because his friend who practiced feng shui helped him out.

In addition buy smaller cc cars with good mileage. This is because of the escalating prices of fuel. I read today that the government will think of some power generations including nuclear due to this never ending need for that expensive black fuel.

Don’t portray yourself as having too much money because it attracts the thief or house breaker. Be humble and lay low. We work real hard for our money and when he move to a better neighborhood the thieves just want to take that away thinking that we have a lot of money.

That’s all I can think off for now. To be continued.

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