Monday, June 02, 2008

Example of a successfull Malay Muslim Oversea!

Imam Sabri is popular in Australia

Utusan Malaysia Online - Bicara Agama

You have to add values to wherever you go. Like the Malay Idiom, " Benih yang baik di campak ke laut menjadi pulau" - " A good seed will grow to be a n island if you throw it into the sea"err something like that. I'm not too sure myself..:) Imam Sabri is a good role model.

In youtube, if you search for "melayu" many X rated clips are shown. Maybe there's what the user upload to youtube and it usually has a big viewing number. anyway here is one video from youtube below. I got this using the scribefire youtube search engine.

It's a different pictures of a few malay girls put together and a nice song added to it. Look at these beautiful girls being portrayed there. I'm not too sure if all of them are malay, one must have mixed blood. But all are pretty nonetheless..

Anyway I was watching Oprah last night and something caught my attention. Girls should be educated by the education system because then only will they educate their children. It think that's are absolutely true and the only way for 3rd world country to move forward is to educate their women, and let the women contribute to the development of their country. :)

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